Our Location

We are located near KFC/Lobels along Simon Mazorodze. Our Address is 58 Mwamuka Drive Mbare.

How do I get there?

Board any Kombie that uses Simon Mazorodze (Beatrice Road) and get off KFC/Lobels. Give us a call once you are they and we will give your further directions.

You can email us on

Whatsapp 0772 473 953 or 0732 473 953

You will get a timely reply.

Buy Maths Videos for just $3/topic

Do not be afraid of Maths we have short and easy to understand videos which you can buy and receive via WhatsApp.

How to buy

  • Each topic is made up of several short videos
  • Videos for each topic cost $3 for the entire topic i.e. Numbers and Negative Numbers is made up of 9 videos we charge only $3 for the entire 9
  • Send $3 via Ecocash to 0772 473 953 (Garikai Dzoma)
  • Send a WhatsApp message with details of your payment and the topic you want
  • The topic videos will be send to you via WhatsApp
  • Make sure to buy WhatsApp bundles/use WiFi in order to receive the videos
  • Enjoy 🙂

Basic terms and concepts

Numbers and Negative Numbers

Factors and Multiples


Algebraic Fractions

Mixed Numbers

Decimal Arithmetic

Ratio and Proportion


Radicals (Square root and Square root fundamentals)

The scientific notation


More topics coming soon 🙂

Soft Copies of Economics Text Book for Sale

Susan Grant Third Edition

Instructions on how to buy

  1. Make a payment of $10 to 0772 473 953 (Garikai B Dzoma)
  2. Send a WhatsApp message to the same number with your Name and Surname (should match the ones you used to pay)
  3. The book is delivered to you via WhatsApp in PDF format

That’s it!

NB The book requires you to have a pdf reader installed on your phone/tablet/computer.

Interview dates and details


Interview venue and directions

Please note the interview will be held at TechZim offices at Marlborough, Harare, 30 Marlborough Dr. If you are coming from town board Kombies that use Lomagundi Road and disembark at Helena road ( i.e. where Helena Road intersects with Lomagundi) it will be a short walk from there. Near Bluffhill shopping center.

Required material

Please bring a pen and exercise book ( 5 sheets of paper) for the interview. Please bring 3 topic notes from 3 subjects of your choosing. You are supposed to prepare these notes on your own and they should be in the spirit of our site. Do not take material from the website create these on your own. Please note the notes are optional but they will go a long way in recommending your application to us.

Nature of interview

It will be a panel interview conducted by myself and William Chui (TechZim representative).

Dress Code

The dress code will be at your discretion.

Interview time

The interview starts at 8:00 am on Monday 17  16th January 2017.
We are looking forward to meeting you.


Employement Opportunities

These positions have been filled.

Interview dates and directions can be found here

If you have send your CV check your email(the one used to send the CV) or click the here to learn about the interview details.


If you haven’t applied yet please bring your CV to 30 Marlborough drive on Monday 17 January and come prepared for the interview. Please click here

We are hiring.Prospective employees and Industrial Attachees are welcome

Just over a year and a half ago we set out on a dream journey. To build an online learning experience to aid the Zimbabwean student on his quest to learn and pass their exams. While our enthusiasm has not faded, if anything it has grown, we have learnt a lot.  One of the lessons we have learnt is that a man cannot do everything alone.

To that end I would like to announce the happy news that we are hiring.


We have a vacancy for two tutors. Whose main job would be to create, edit and post learning material (usually means notes and exams but we will be creating videos and pictures as well in the coming months).  Most of this will be uploaded to our main site (www.revision.co.zw).

We are looking for 2 tutors .


  • Create,edit and upload notes to our main site www.revision.co.zw (at least 8 topics per day).
  • Work from Monday to Friday, may sometimes include Public Holidays.
  • Engage students/others via Whatsapp and our Facebook page
  • Respond to student questions on ask.revision.co.zw
  • Other related duties

Knowledge and experience

  • Relevant academic qualifications in the following subjects:
    • Ordinary Level: Maths, English, Shona, Business Studies, Commerce, Science, History, Geography, Accounts, Biology, Physics and Chemestry (this naturally includes Physical Science).
    • Advanced Level: Geography, Economics, Business Studies and Accounting
    • NB : You are not required to know all these subjects but more is always better. In addition knowledge of other subjects not on this list is an added advantage.
  • Those looking for Industrial Attachment are welcome
  • An ability to understand computers and technology in general. We are Tech startup that works with computers so at least an intermediate knowledge is expected. Using a browser, searching etc.
  • A working knowledge of Microsoft Word and decent typing skills. You will be given a quick tour and introduction to the software packages you will be using (Google Docs and WordPress) but knowing Ms Word means there will be not much to learn.
  • Teaching/tutoring experience will be an added advantage

Personality and Qualities

  • Must be young (30 and below) energetic
  • A self-starter and able to work with minimum supervision
  • Respect for authority and integrity
  • Innovative
  • Motivated

Work environment

  • You will be working at our offices in Greencroft.
  • Workstations will be provided
  • Lunch will be provided
  • Internet will be provided

Pay and remuneration

  • $200/month

How to apply

  • Email CVs to /

Interview dates

  • The interview date will be sent to the email addresses you use to submit your cv. The date will also be published on www.revision.co.zw

Cambridge and ZIMSEC extra lessons


The team behind the Revision websites is made up of exceptionally talented tutors. Our work on the Revision Website bears testament to our dedication to quality, our exceptional work ethic and passion to educate the next generation in a language and in ways they can understand.

You can hire one of our tutors to teach you, coach you and help you excel in your Cambridge and ZIMSEC examinations. Whether you go to school during the day, an adult attending night school after work we have packages that suit everyone including flexible teaching hours.

These lessons are limited to those in Harare only. We sometimes wish we could be omnipresent but we are not, we can be only in one place at one point in time.

Here is why you should consider us to teach you or your child:

  • If you hire us you get to Learn from the best
  • 1 on 1 lessons with the experts behind these tutorials
  • only $10/month per subject up to 3 hours a week of lessons
  • Qualified experts in your field of choosing including: Business Studies, Maths, English Language, Economics, Shona, Science etc
  • No Jacks of all trade you only get the best in your desired field
  • 1 on 1 Cambridge and ZIMSEC O and A Level extra lessons
  • Answers via SMS, Whatsapp, Phone and Email
  • You can pay using ZIPIT or Ecocash

Subjects Offered
Ordinary Level

Ordinary Level Subjects. We offer lessons for the following subjects: Maths, English, Shona, Business Studies, Commerce, Science, History, Geography, Accounts
Advanced Level

Extra Lessons are available for: Geography, Business Studies, Accounts and Economics
Grade 7

Lessons are available for Shona, Ndebele, Maths, English and General Paper

Ordinary Level
Per Month
Per Subject
Intensive Revision
Comprehensive coverage
In-depth coverage
In class notes
Revision Tests /Exercises
Advanced Level
Per subject
Intensive Revision
Comprehensive coverage
In-depth coverage
In class notes
Revision Tests/ Exercises
Grade 7
Per Subject
Intensive Revision
Comprehensive coverage
In-depth coverage
In class notes
Revision Tests/Exercises


Whatsapp: 0732 473 953

Limited places available.

Lessons can be conducted at your home, place of business or Harare CBD please get in touch for more details.